[svlug] RS232->USB dongle?

Jeff Walter jeffw at gentoo.org
Tue Apr 3 02:36:11 PDT 2007

John Conover wrote:
> Thanks, Ivan. That's what I wanted to know.
> The reason for the question is that I need to consolidate a bunch of
> serial stuff from a bunch of machines into one machine, and was
> thinking of serial/USB dongles as an alternative to putting in a
> multi-port RS232 card.
> Do you know of any way they can be made to boot up as the same device
> in /dev/usb/* so I don't have to piddle with dmesg and then set the
> port in the RS232 programs?


     I've used an Airlink 101 with Linux before and it behaved like a normal 
serial port.  Now, as to having them retain their ttys number, it would probably 
work if you powered off, plugged them all in, and then power in.  So long as 
your ports/hubs come on in the same order, you should be fine.  Keep in mind, 
that is a BIG "if".


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