[svlug] Free Dinner 4 WiFi DebugDevel this Sat 1028

Hereon hereon1 at fastmail.us
Thu Oct 26 23:49:53 PDT 2006

In Brief:
Free dinner for the 1st up to 10 people who respond to me who will come
help debug (& perhaps further develop) a working wifi driver for the
AirLink101 MIMO pcmcia card, for 4 hours, this Saturday, Oct 28. 4PM to
12Midnight at the CABAL (Coalition of All Bay Area Linux) meeting in
Menlo Park.

Would you be usefully skillful in debugging a wifi card sw?

There is a card that has an open source linux driver that needs
improvement.  If you come help out for four hours, I'll pay for a dinner
for you.

The AirLink101 MIMO pcmcia wifi card, $15 special about twice per month
at Frys, has a new driver under development. The new driver needs fixing
to work properly in Ubuntu. The sw is open source.

If you 
1) have some skill in sw debug, troubeshooting, or development, 
2) think you likely could read the code, 
3) & think you could likely make a useful contribution to
troubleshooting the problem, debugging the code, & perhaps implementing
more useful functions in the sw,
4) & will come to this Saturday's CABAL meeting to do so for four hours,
Then: email me before Noon Saturday telling me so, 

Then I'll pay for your dinner (for the first up to 10 people who email
[I'll email you before 3PM Saturday to let you know if you are one of
the up to 10 who I'll be buying dinner for.]

Specifically I'll contribute $5 per person & use that $ to buy food for
the CABAL meeting.

You don't need to have one of the Airlink101 MIMO cards - just the
ability to contribute to the bugfixing. But, bring one of the cards, if
you want.

There will be at least two people working on this.  If we can get some
more helpers, hopefully we'll make some more progress.  It should be

Information about the wifi sw project, & a specific bug:

Web forum thread topic
rt61pci Fails set rate,AP auth,Ubuntu,AirLink101 AWLC5025
Bug Thread (possibly incorrect, might need unavailable permalink)
Web forum page that has the bug thread listed

The project web page

Please feel free to repost this to other lists that you think would be
likely to have readers interested in this opportunity.

Thanks to the Cabal hosts:

Email me now.

  hereon1 at fastmail.us

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