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Subject: [PenLUG] Donation for hosting

Our domain penlug.org is hosted on a box which is part of the
California Community Colo Project (www.communitycolo.org) which is a
non-profit organization.

The organization is having a serious budget shortfall and I am
currently at the emergency volunteer meeting where we are organizing a
pledge drive.  They need to raise $20,000 to cover expenses for the
next three months or the service could be shut down!!!  Anyone who
derives benefit from the site, such as PenLUG members, is encouraged
to pledge to support the org.  A pledge of any size is welcome.

My wife and I have personally been also giving a $10/month donation.
But for this pledge drive we have pledged $120 ($40/month for the next
3 months).  It costs an average of about $50/month per computer to
cover expenses - our box is shared with dozens of other domains.  But
most users don't donate, and the org has been operating at a loss,
which is why there is a financial crisis.

To pledge, send an email to pledge at communitycolo.net or edit the
pledge page on the wiki:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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