[svlug] More on the Reiser case - fs

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Mon Oct 16 20:29:39 PDT 2006

hi ya jennifer

> Jennifer Davis wrote:
> > suse already decided that they are dropping reiserfs as their default fs
> > and reverting back to ext3 as default, and no further development into
> > reiserfs4, but wil continue support reiserfs3
> This had nothing to do with Reiser's current events
as always... i'm sure you're entitled to your differing opinion ..

i say:
	- please explain why there is no press release or official
	notice that suse/novell is changing from reiserfs to ext3
	where those announcments predate sept 3 when all this hit the fan

	changing the default fs is a major issue if you're dealing with
	even itty bitty 200GB or xxx terabyte sized storage systems

	- most all press releases and comments is mostly after his arrest

	- "everybody" knows about the resierfs support and bug problems
	in both reiserfs3 and reiserfs4  vs xfs, jfs, ext3, etc

c ya

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