[svlug] More on the Reiser case - fs

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Mon Oct 16 15:07:05 PDT 2006

hi ya scott

> Scott Hess wrote:
> For better or worse, if Hans Reiser is sent to jail for this, it has a
> negative impact on things this list is definitely interested in.
> Speculation on the impact would be a fine topic for this list to
> discuss.

suse already decided that they are dropping reiserfs as their default fs
and reverting back to ext3 as default, and no further development into
reiserfs4, but wil continue support reiserfs3

boy are they in for a surprize when they try to format
and use new 1TB disks

i wonder what would happen if the primary architect of NTFS was "jailed" ..
the business would would definitely react differently, ntfs probably 
won't be dropped ( judged and executed before the verdict )

c ya

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