[svlug] More on the Reiser case

Scott Hess scott at doubleu.com
Mon Oct 16 14:50:40 PDT 2006

On 10/16/06, Margaret Wendall <mwendall at gmail.com> wrote:
> Where is Nina's body, live or dead? She may be alive somewhere laughing at
> Hans and the Oakland Police.

Is this kind of speculation really the domain of this mailing list?

> The Oakland Police don't have a very good reputation regarding murder
> cases! (I don't think it's Jerry Brown's fault.)

They deal with far more murders in a given year than they should have
to.  Most of those turn out to be not related to open source.

For better or worse, if Hans Reiser is sent to jail for this, it has a
negative impact on things this list is definitely interested in.
Speculation on the impact would be a fine topic for this list to
discuss.  But, really, there's no particular reason why open-source
developers should be more or less prone to committing murder - or
suicide, or embezzlement, or any of a number of other crimes.


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