[svlug] question about GNU screen - solved

Aniruddha Mulay ani_mulay at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 17:15:01 PDT 2006

Jeff, Brian and Rick,

Thanks for the response. Yes, I'm aware of 'screen -r'.

> Get used to typing (or recalling from your command stack) 
> "screen -r -d" as the first thing you do after login.

I have 'screen -r' in my .bash_profile.

This incidence was an error on my part. Looks like, I had
connected to the wrong screen session. Sorry about that.

(Ani)ruddha Mulay

Earlier I wrote:

| I have an existing screen session on a remote machine. In
| this session, I'm editing some file using Vim and suddenly
| the network connection goes down.
| When I reconnect to the remote machine, my earlier screen
| session is still alive (as expected). So, I can re-attach to the
| old session and continue working.
| Is there a way, I can continue with my Vim session that was
| running under screen ?

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