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Walter Vannini walterv at gbbservices.com
Mon Oct 9 05:26:57 PDT 2006

When:      Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Topic:     What Every Computer Programmer Should Know About
             Floating-Point Arithmetic
Speaker:   Joe Darcy
Time:      7:00pm
Where:     eBay Town Hall (next to PayPal/eBay)
                2161 North First St
                San Jose, CA 95131
Map:       <http://tinyurl.com/cdg5u/>
Cost:      Free
More Info: <http://www.accu-usa.org>

A complement to David Goldberg's classic paper "What Every
Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating Point
Arithmetic", this talk will discuss popular
misunderstandings about floating-point arithmetic and how
to avoid common pitfalls.

Joe has reigned as Sun's "Java Floating-Point Czar" since 2000.
In that position, Joe has helped improve the performance and
conformance of core numerical libraries, expanded the set of
supported math functions, and worked on adding hexadecimal
floating-point literals to the Java programming language.
Joe has also been active in the IEEE 754 revision effort,
serving as editor for part of 2003.

He received his Master's degree in Computer Science from
Berkeley in May 1998. His master's project, "Borneo:
Adding IEEE 754 floating-point support to Java," allows
Java to be fully IEEE 754 compliant.

His blog is at <http://blogs.sun.com/darcy/>

Upcoming ACCU talks

November 15, 2006
Hans Boehm
"Towards a Memory Model for C++ "

December 13, 2006
Allan Naim
"Production .NET Debugging"

The ACCU meets monthly. To suggest topics and speakers please
email Walter Vannini via walterv at gbbservices.com

Walter Vannini
President, Silicon Valley ACCU

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