[svlug] interview questions

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Thu Oct 5 14:42:33 PDT 2006

hi ya joe

> Joe Buck wrote:
> Oh, come on.  For the vast majority of jobs (that is, unless we're talking
> about a CEO or other leadership position, or a position that's somehow
> about changing the world), if the person I was interviewing answered that
> even if s/he had all the money in the world, s/he'd still want the job I
> was offering (based on your other questions, be a sysadmin or the like),

the point of the question is "what do you like to do".. "what is your hobby"
and it should match what is in "your resume" of past jobs and list of hobbies

yes it's a trick question ... also it can tell a lot about a person
in terms of communiation style under stress and there's gonna be major
differenes of opinion for indeteminate questions ... one can't ask about 
religion, so politics or "war" issues can be another whacky question

c ya

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