[svlug] alvin - up? down? left? right?

Alvin Oga alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Wed Mar 29 08:20:15 PST 2006

hi ya

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006, bruce wrote:

> For some reason, it seems that people have forgotten (or never knew) that
> you can come thogether as a group, and you can build/create projects, which
> sometimes manage to work.. used to be called garage/bootstrapping
> operations....

you and everybody can still do all of that .... but ..

i'm looking for more formal structure and plan and goals and expectations
including real $$$ for real work vs "play" and with real paying customers
in mind
paul> Up? Down? Left? Right?
paul> Alvin's answer: ...um, yeah.

you forgot the "but"  in the  "yeah but" :-) would be closer to my answers

paul> I can provide additional guidance regarding
paul> dealing with him, and regarding your needs.

paul> I can't work for free, however.

ditto here...

and just to be clear(er):

a) i didn't hire opencountry etc for work ...  
   but, it was they that hired my services and other "things"

b) they decided to part ways ( aka NOT pay their bills accumulated
   over several months of empty promises to pay, but didn't )

c) i don't think paul r was there when the "shit hit the fan"

paul> Get used to that; Alvin's been circling
paul> around telling you the same thing, but
paul> somehow unable to simply say...
paul> "Ya gotta pay to play".  That's how it is with pros.

"pay" with time or $$$ or volunteer and make clear your
expectations ( in writing ) and the IP rights

in my case ...
"pros" implies there is a specific goal and specific deadlines
and requirements for $$$ and time spent on "projects"
vs endless volunteering for beer and pizza fun which is okay too

but, there is too many things to do for clients and not enuff
(expert) talent to go around as was posted and noted by others

c ya

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