[svlug] alvin - up? down? left? right?

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When people come together as a start, no one is working for the other
person, you're working together, which is what my original msg is/was

For some reason, it seems that people have forgotten (or never knew) that
you can come thogether as a group, and you can build/create projects, which
sometimes manage to work.. used to be called garage/bootstrapping

If I was trying to hire someone, then of course I'd need to consider the pay
for play aspect. But at the same time, if the person is only in it for the
$$ then he/she isn't really committed anyway, at least not as someone who
wants to really walk through walls to get something built.



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...you're beginning to understand Alvin Oga.

Up? Down? Left? Right?
Alvin's answer: ...um, yeah.

I founded Open County, which did business
w/ Alvin Oga for a while before parting ways.

I can provide additional guidance regarding
dealing with him, and regarding your needs.

I can't work for free, however.

Get used to that; Alvin's been circling
around telling you the same thing, but
somehow unable to simply say...

"Ya gotta pay to play".  That's how it is with pros.

Anyone working for free is giving you help worth
exactly what you paid for it.

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