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Tin Le tin at le.org
Tue Mar 28 20:20:43 PST 2006

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> You mention bad habits...such as?

With regard to sysadmin or network admin, I'll list some that I've seen.

Such as:

1. Setting up a server, installing everything and accept defaults.  I 
prefer setting up a tftp/pxe and/or network install server.  Easier to 
maintain, easier to tune and control.

2. Accepting defaults also come to default partitioning, default 
securities, etc.  All bad, no fore planning, thoughts of scaleability, 
future expansion, etc.

3. Actually when it comes to network, I have not found too many home users 
that really undertand all the things they need.  From simple things such 
as DHCP setup, why use class A, class B, class C... how to subnet, why and 
when to subnet.  Their only experience is point and click with SOHO 
routers... which is not the same thing when it comes to enterprise level. 
Very few has gotten past questions on differences between layer 2 and 
layer 3, or VLAN, broadcast domain, etc.  Their experience is only with 
_home_ network, not hundreds or thousands of nodes.  I've seen network 
haphazardly put (grown over time) together instead of planned.

4. Network filtering, ingress, egress, etc.  They tend to allow everything 
out, and more than I like in.

5... stuffs like that.

There are bright people that I've interviewed and would (had) hired them 
as junior admins.  They are trainable.  But there are the rest who don't 
know that they don't know enough, and could be dangerous if put in the 
wrong position :-)

Tin Le
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