[svlug] looking for people working on sweat equity/startup ideas...

Eric N. Valor ericv at cruzio.com
Tue Mar 28 05:40:01 PST 2006

I've helped start two companies (www.force-field.com and
www.blujacket.com) on sweat equity.  So far all we've received is sweat,
as our sales and marketing have been lacking (most of those folks don't
go for sweat...).

At least two of us are still varyingly interested in being part of a
team looking to build the next hot product.  I'm interested in starting
companies with de-centralized R&D to create a new paradigm of
non-commuting development teams.  "Butts-in-seats" is so 19th Century...

Living in Santa Cruz definitely colors my belief.

On Tue, 2006-03-28 at 08:29 -0800, bruce wrote:
> hey...
> where does one go in the bay area to find people who are working, willing to
> work, etc on startup ideas. i'm looking for people who are serious about
> putting something together. i'm not worried about the upfront compensation.
> but i am looking for people who are putting together a team, who are looking
> to add to their team, or looking to be part of a team.
> i'm part of a small group of a couple of people and we're looking to either
> join with others, or add to our small group.
> thanks
> bruce douglas
> bedouglas at earthlink.net
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