[svlug] looking for people working on sweat equity/startup ideas...

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Tue Mar 28 08:41:32 PST 2006

It's not really specifically geared towards it, but I've found people 
like that through the "gigs" section of craig's list.

I remember wondering at the time, though, if there was enough of a 
demand to warrant them setting up a separate section for things like 
this.  I meant to send them a suggestion about it, but never got "a 
round tuit".



bruce wrote:
> hey...
> where does one go in the bay area to find people who are working, willing to
> work, etc on startup ideas. i'm looking for people who are serious about
> putting something together. i'm not worried about the upfront compensation.
> but i am looking for people who are putting together a team, who are looking
> to add to their team, or looking to be part of a team.
> i'm part of a small group of a couple of people and we're looking to either
> join with others, or add to our small group.
> thanks
> bruce douglas
> bedouglas at earthlink.net

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