[svlug] Program a Microcontroller with C on Linux

Bob Smith bsmith at linuxtoys.org
Mon Mar 27 15:13:57 PST 2006

Would you like to be able to program a microcontroller
using Linux and C?

If so, then please plan on joining us at the next Linux
installfest on Saturday, April 15, where we will have a
micro-seminar that shows how to install and use the AVR
tool chain for Linux.  At the seminar each attendee will
receive a hardware kit, a software CD, and help getting
it all installed and working.  At the end of the seminar
you will be able to program an AVR to flash at a rate
your program specifies.   (A flashing LED is the "hello
world" of microcontrollers.)

The hardware kit for the seminar has the following:
  - AVR ATMega8-16PI
  - 400 point breadboard and wires
  - LED and resistor
  - Battery case and batteries
  - Parallel port programming cable
  - A CD with the software kit

The software kit has the following:
  - The Linux tool chain for the AVR precompiled for x86
  - Source code for the AVR tool chain
  - PDF of the ATMega8 data sheet
  - Articles describing how to program an AVR on Linux
  - A C program and Makefile that flashes an LED on the AVR

At the seminar we will:
  - Distribute the hardware kits
  - Install the AVR tool chain on your Linux laptop
  - Show how to compile a C program for an AVR
  - Show how to download and run a program on the AVR

At the end of seminar you should be able to write, compile,
download, and run a C program for the AVR.  The seminar will
follow the TuxGraphics article by Guido Socher available at
but you get precompiled binaries and libraries for the tool

The seminar will be from noon to 2 pm on April 15, at the
SVLUG Linux installfest in Google building #46 in Mountain
View.  (See http://www.svlug.org/installfest/ for details.)
Thanks to Google and SVLUG for allowing this seminar.

You need to bring the following
  - Linux laptop with a parallel port
  - $15 to pay for the hardware kit

Space is limited to eight.  Please RSVP so I know how many
kits to buy.

Bob Smith

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