[svlug] gotten myself in trouble with permalinks,

Tin Le tin at le.org
Sun Mar 26 00:50:33 PST 2006

> It's an apache server but it's hosted at DreamHost.com so I don't think
I have much control.  I only have about 10 links to do.  Is there any
way to do them by hand?

You could put Redirect in .htaccess although I personally don't like to
use .htaccess.  It's a performance hit on the webserver.


1. AllowOverride has to be set to something other than None,
   preferably FileInfo in httpd.conf
2. create .htaccess in top level directory where you want to do
    redirects.  /wp in your case.
3. in .htaccess put the following.

Redirect permanent /wp/ /

Also look at docs for RedirectMatch if you want to use regex for more
complex rules.

I'd avoid .htaccess if at all possible, but if you gotta, you gotta.

Tin Le
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