[svlug] gotten myself in trouble with permalinks,

Kellner, Peter Peter at PeterKellner.net
Sat Mar 25 22:31:07 PST 2006

I use wordpress 2. for my blog and want (have to) change my directory
structure.  Currently, when anyone references a blog posting they do it
with something like:  


Currently wordpress is setup so that wordpress is in the
peterkellner.net/wp directory but I have the options set to tell it the
homoe of my blog is peterkellner.net.   

The problem is, when I change it, the link becomes
http://peterkellner.net/wp/?p=23.  I don't really care about the extra
wp but my problem is I have lots of people who have linked to the
original name.

My question is, I'm hoping there is some unix wizardry that I can do
such that when people press the original one, they get redirected to my
new link. (which may have a completely different name, not just an extra
wp in there).

Wordpress does lots with my .htaccess file and all looks like greek to



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