[svlug] AT&T DSL - any snags?

Tin Le tin at le.org
Thu Mar 23 22:57:44 PST 2006

> They unblocked it just for the asking.  BTW, I've been holding back all
> the rest of my DSL horror stories with SBC.  (including being down for 7
> months once because we were not paying the "ISP" part of our bill that
> SBC never billed us for).

Wanna swap horror stories? :-)

I've had them "consolidated" my voice bill with my DSL bill and changed me
from a static IP to a dynamic Yahoo SBC DSL account.  Took me over a month
of calling and threats to finally got someone clueful enough to fix it.
In the meantime, I lost mail, etc... etc.. since it is my life blood, I
work at home.

Or the time my line was down for a week and no one could tell me what
was wrong...


But like I said, when it works, it's great.  Currently, I am running
about 12 months straight of trouble free service, knock on wood!

> I switched to Comcast because it is hugely faster.  Haven't you seen the
> turtle commercial?

I've tried Comcast, for a year.  Concurrently with my DSL.  I get better
throughput on my DSL.  Comcast was a cesspool of congestion, nasty
virii, worms, spams, etc.  I get more probes from Comcast than from SBC
DSL.  The probes doesn't bother me but it just go to show how bad the
Comcast network is.

After my 1 year contract was up, I returned the cable router.

> I suspect that if you look hard enough the pricing will average itself
> out over time.

I think at this point, it's pretty much a commodity.  Price has dropped
so low, that you just want to find a reliable, cheap bit mover.  Choice
is good.  Pick the one that works for you.

I've had my static IP for almost 10 years now and hate to give it up,
all those DNS records to update... :-)  so I stay with SBC... AT&T.

Tin Le
Tin Le - tin at le.org
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