[svlug] AT&T DSL - any snags?

Tin Le tin at le.org
Thu Mar 23 22:48:03 PST 2006

>> Just connect a PC, linux or windoze, get an address via dhcp, then
>> browse to http://homeportal and voila.
> Hmm, sounds interesting.
> So with SBC's default DNS numbers are you saying that it will
> resolve http://homeportal to or ?

Yes. Since it is the DHCP server, it will assign itself as your first DNS
server.  Which mean that it "knows" where homeportal point to.  A number
of other SOHO routers does similar thing.

Configuring the 2wire hp via its web interface require a little more work.
The installation software will do a lot of the hand holding for you.  But
I don't think 2wire HP are any harder than other similar SOHO routers
(to setup) such as Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, etc.  Once you've seen one,
you've seen them all.  They all need the same kind of configuration.

Tin Le
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