[svlug] AT&T DSL - any snags?

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Thu Mar 23 22:30:32 PST 2006

At Thu, 23 Mar 2006 it looks like Tin Le composed:

> Ok.  They have not changed their preferred router then.
> Throw away the software.  It's junk.  You don't need it to setup the
> router.  2Wire routers has a web interface and by default it uses the
> subnet (its address is  It's also a DHCP
> server, and will give out 64-253 to clients.  1-63 is reserved for static.
> Just connect a PC, linux or windoze, get an address via dhcp, then
> browse to http://homeportal and voila.

Hmm, sounds interesting.

So with SBC's default DNS numbers are you saying that it will
resolve http://homeportal to or ?

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