[svlug] AT&T DSL - any snags?

Tin Le tin at le.org
Thu Mar 23 22:17:36 PST 2006

> Hmm, I don't have the hardware here with me but it's a 2wire
> wireless.  The setup software will execute and then show you two
> versions of the 2wire(s) and then ask you if you are using the
> computer that will be the setup machine and if you are going to do
> the setup connected via the provided cat5e or wireless.  They
> recommend being directly connected to the access point for setup.

Ok.  They have not changed their preferred router then.

Throw away the software.  It's junk.  You don't need it to setup the
router.  2Wire routers has a web interface and by default it uses the subnet (its address is  It's also a DHCP
server, and will give out 64-253 to clients.  1-63 is reserved for static.

Just connect a PC, linux or windoze, get an address via dhcp, then
browse to http://homeportal and voila.

It work perfectly fine with any OS, it's just a router, like any other

> It was at that point that it tried to connect with our (non-setup)
> account and failed, I had to exit out.

Find the nearest trash can and drop kick the CD into it.  Or use it as
a coaster.

Tin Le
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