[svlug] AT&T DSL - any snags?

Tin Le tin at le.org
Thu Mar 23 21:03:21 PST 2006

AT&T (used to be SBC).  I've had an SBC DSL since early '97, first person
in the neighborhood to get one.  So I am grandfathered with a single
static IP at dynamic price.

> If you want them to not block port 25 you have to call and ask.

I believe they only block dynamic IP users.  It make sense to me to force
dynamic IP users to use SBC/AT&T mailserver for outgoing smarthost
anyway.  Cut down on spams.  If you have a static, all ports are open. 
I've never had any problem with blocked ports.  I also don't think they
do any traffic shaping.  My kids have run torrents, emule, whatnots and
they never complained.

As for quality, in the early days, I experienced a lot of down time.  But
not within the past few years.  They have done a good job at bringing DSL
uptime to same as POTS.  If you live close enough to a CO, you can get
6MB down and 650KB or so up.  I have a pair of DSLs at my office, one
3MB/512K and one 6MB/650K.

Tin Le
Tin Le - tin at le.org
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