[svlug] Urgent help needed -- Cpanel and cron jobs

Jeff Frost jeff at frostconsultingllc.com
Mon Mar 20 20:03:28 PST 2006


Not having used cpanel, this is pure theory:

I'd guess cpanel puts the cronjobs into /etc/cron.d/cpanel or something 
similar.  In any event, it should be logging to /var/log/cron if it runs the 
job and /var/log/messages if cron is having problems.

You should check this and as Bob indicated, make sure cron is really running. 
You might even just want to restart crond for grins via:

/sbin/service crond restart

to make it re-read the crontabs.

I think you'll need to get us more info after checking the logs so we can help 
you further.

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Skip Evans wrote:

> Hi Bob and all,
> Actually, the cron in question is scheduled in
> cpanel to run every 15 minutes.
> But that's the nebulous cloud I have... where
> would it show up? Cpanel and WHM seem to be weird
> animals that do their own thing.
> They don't always seem to jive with what is on the
> OS level, that I can see, anyway.
> I've been warned that getting cpanel and OS
> settings out of sync can cause problems, hence my
> trepidation.
> Skip
> Bob Smith wrote:
>> Skip Evans wrote:
>>> The problem is with a few cron jobs configured through Cpanel (php
>>> files). We have four of them that are scheduled to fire off, but they
>>> don't seem to be working.
>> If the cron jobs are in /etc/cron.daily (as opposed
>> to actual entries in crontab), then be sure the file
>> permissions and ownership are set properly.  Use the
>> other files in cron.daily as an example.
>> Look, of course, at /var/log/messages to see if the
>> jobs are reporting why they can't run.
>> A 'ps as' shows that crond is running, right?
>> hope this helps,
>> Bob

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