[svlug] Urgent help needed -- Cpanel and cron jobs

Jeff Frost jeff at frostconsultingllc.com
Mon Mar 20 19:28:29 PST 2006

My first guess would be a syntax error in the crontab causing it to ignore the 
rest of the entries.  Second guess would be a problem with the mtime on the 
crontab file itself (so crond doesn't know to reload it because it's new).

Do the jobs show up in /var/log/cron?

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Skip Evans wrote:

> Hey all,
> We maintain a PHP 5 code base for a client that
> has about 100 systems installed on a pair of Red
> Hat servers.
> They administer the systems through Web Host
> Manager with each site having their own Cpanel
> install.
> The problem is with a few cron jobs configured
> through Cpanel (php files). We have four of them
> that are scheduled to fire off, but they don't
> seem to be working.
> I have them writing a text file with nothing more
> than a time stamp to show when they ran, but they
> are not showing up.
> Since we are mostly a coding shop and not sys
> admins, the client is willing to pay a consultant
> to get some expertise on this issue.
> You would be working through me since I know the
> situation, for whatever that is worth, to get it
> best described to you.
> This is an urgent need! We must solve this problem.
> Thanks tons!

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