[svlug] Urgent help needed -- Cpanel and cron jobs

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Mon Mar 20 19:25:08 PST 2006

Hey all,

We maintain a PHP 5 code base for a client that 
has about 100 systems installed on a pair of Red 
Hat servers.

They administer the systems through Web Host 
Manager with each site having their own Cpanel 

The problem is with a few cron jobs configured 
through Cpanel (php files). We have four of them 
that are scheduled to fire off, but they don't 
seem to be working.

I have them writing a text file with nothing more 
than a time stamp to show when they ran, but they 
are not showing up.

Since we are mostly a coding shop and not sys 
admins, the client is willing to pay a consultant 
to get some expertise on this issue.

You would be working through me since I know the 
situation, for whatever that is worth, to get it 
best described to you.

This is an urgent need! We must solve this problem.

Thanks tons!
Skip Evans
Big Sky Penguin, LLC
61 W Broadway
Butte, Montana 59701

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