[svlug] Amazon S3 Service Was: discount offered to SV LUG members

Norman Shapiro norm at dad.dad.org
Fri Mar 17 12:40:17 PST 2006

J. Paul Ree  writes:

>Amazon is selling this type of online, ultra-accessible storage; it was
>just on /. the other day, actually:
>They're charging $0.15 per GB/month for storage and $0.20/GB for transfer.
>There aren't any setup fees and it's pay-as-you-go.
>Reading about it, I'm considering using it to replace my current backup
>methodology of sending a CD-R with GPG encrypted .tar.gzs of important
>backup data to friends in geographically desparate parts of the country.
>For some reason, the actual non-marketing details are buried three articles
>under the slashdot link, at:

If you do try this, it would be nice if you occasionally post some of your
reactions to it.

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