[svlug] Software Raid 1 on different size disks?

Tim Moore tim.moore at nsr500.net
Wed Mar 15 21:31:59 PST 2006

fdisk -u /dev/xxx


Mark wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a question regarding software raid. I want to run RAID1 on 2 partitions of 2 different size hard disks (hda1 and hdb1).
> While I will try to make them as similar in size as I can, I am not sure if I will be able to get both partitions at the exact same
> size up to the last byte, since I am using two entirely different HDs.
> Will this be a problem or is md going to handle this automatically and only use the size of the smaller partition as size of the new
> raid1 partition?
> What is the easiest way to get the partitions sized equally? 
> In case it matters: I will be using Fedora Core 4 for this.
> Thanks,
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