[svlug] Mappery breakthrough : UPDATE

Bear Tooth Beartooth at adelphia.net
Tue Mar 14 09:55:56 PST 2006

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Marc MERLIN wrote:

> [snipped fedora-list at redhat.com, wine-users at winehq.com, please do 
> not cross post across totally different lists that each require 
> list membership to post]

 	My apologies. I had stated the problem on svlug, and figured 
that meant I owed it a followup when I had a solution or something 
close to it, if only to forestall some helpful soul from spending 
long effort composing a reply that contained what I had just gotten.

 	Past experience with this particular problem, btw, has long 
indicated that there are a lot more people interested than possessed 
of anything known to work, or close.

 	As for the membership requirement : like a number of others 
(which could probably be ascertained) who lurk more than we post, I 
follow every list I can on Gmane. Some will let you post from it on 
Gmane's assurance, some require individual subscription, and some 
have other conditions -- and it's beyond me to keep track of, alas!

> [also, it is customary to have a point or a clear question. 
> Otherwise, what you did today belongs on a blog, not on mailing 
> lists meant for help for clear and concise questions]

 	Sorry again. I realize you've forgotten more linux  than I 
could learn if I did nothing else for the rest of my time; but that 
was not my impression of this list, which I have found friendly for 
many years, including before Gmane's existence. I rarely post, and 
there's probably a large majority of posts way beyond my grasp; but 
I do try to follow what I can and find relevant.

 	The point was supposed to be that the breakthrough, if it is 
one (as I still think), is indeed not yet a victory.

> Mapsource is one of the worst windows apps I have ever seen. 
> Getting it to work well enough without blowing up as soon as it 
> gets slightly upset, is hard enough on windows. I got it to work 
> on vmware after blood sweat and tears, and got nowhere when I gave 
> it a quick shot under crossover office

 	Well, maybe some of my earlier trouble came from W98 when I 
ran that, then. I will say that I sent an error message to Garmin 
yesterday about the updating, and found a very helpful reply in my 
inbox this morning -- a welcome change.

 	As for CXO, I too had tried both it and wine a couple times 
in earlier years, and failed -- as have several, I now find. I've 
never been sanguine enough to risk the price of vmware, nor 
competent enough to run native linux apps, of which there are 
several, some new since I looked a year or three ago.

 	As for choice of proprietary suites, I went with what I 
already had : Maptech, Delorme (several), Topo.com, and Garmin (two 
or three). I wasn't going to spend any of my small pension on more 
M$-ware without strongly encouraging news.

 	None of the Delormes nor the Topo.com would even install -- 
as I had reported on other lists, where there was more expressed 
interest. But the news from Garmin does encourage us all, imho, 
and I would put maptech (which I prefer to any other) second in 
likelihood to be made usable soon.

 	What I did, in case anyone cares, was start with lists I 
knew; follow individual references given me, one or two at a time, 
to others; and pursue each part of the problem wherever I found a 
response, so long as I saw responses.

 	That was what worked; but it left me owing an update in many 
places, most of them ones I try to follow by newsreader, and not all 
on any one newsfeed, nor even any two. Besides, the original thread 
titles -- several of them -- were by now a long way down their 
respective lists.

 	I have tried to give back what I could, in gratitude for 
much help; I regret having roused a complaint, especially from 
someone so outstanding. I wouldn't be surprised to discover more 
than one of the apps I use most had "MERLIN" written all over them 
for eyes to see that can; as Twain says, if I have given offense, my 
execution was at fault, and not my intention.

Beartooth Staffwright, Hunter by Birth,
Not Quite Clueless Fedora Power User --
but still close, it seems. <sigh>

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