[svlug] discount offered to SV LUG members

Bob Smith bsmith at linuxtoys.org
Mon Mar 13 22:48:25 PST 2006

rsync.net wrote:

> rsync.net filesystems, which have a minimum order size of four gigabytes,
> are available to members of the Silicon Valley Linux User Group at a
> minimum order size of 2 gigabytes.  Because members of the LUG will be
> generally clueful, they will take up less of our time with support issues,
> and we can afford to offer protected and redundant online storage for as
> low as $4/month.

This seems like a reasonable service.  Before signing up
I'd like to know what other options are available.

Do SVLUG members know of any alternatives to rsync.net?
Alternatives for whole IT department outsourcing?

Bob Smith

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