[svlug] Mappery breakthrough : Garmin topo, vista, rino, under linux & CXO

Beartooth beartooth at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 13 12:58:08 PST 2006

On Sun, 12 Mar 2006 10:48:34 -0500, Beartooth wrote:

On Sun, 12 Mar 2006 10:48:34 -0500, I Beartooth wrote:
>  	RESULT : We have breakthrough, not victory yet. It got 'em, 
> but only in part. It only got tracks and maps from a rino 120, and 
> waypoints from an etrex vista; [....]

Well, I'm already seeing, the very next day, that I was righter than I
knew to include the caveat. For instance, the connections that worked
yesterday, *some*times* work today.

Some of the problems may be my fault: accustomed as I am to running these
software suites, when at all, on my newest fastest machine under XP, I
find myself thinking things have failed -- and acting on the thought --
when I should really allow more time. 

What's worse, since I'm trying to do all the same things on four machines
with at least three very different speeds (two are 1998 pentium 2s from
different sources and with different hard drives), it's going to take me
longer than it ought to acclimate to the delays. (I plan to use one for
real backup, and the other two, which don't drive the monitor properly,
essentially as warehouse storage, chiefly for the data from my GPSs.)

I'm not sure what harm I do, or even how much, when I jump a gun; I
suppose it varies. Anyway, whether for that reason or another, I'm getting
various odd crashes, and sometimes an insistence that a suite be
reinstalled -- one more reason, methinks, for lots of redundancy.

I did go ahead this morning, when something didn't want to re-connect to
the first machine, and kludge my waypoints into the CXO install (and plan
to do it in all machines): I gritted my teeth, rebooted to XP, and
transferred all my waypoints into the etrex vista, then booted back to
linux, and transferred them to it. When I get that done on all four, I'll
have much less to lose by wiping XP, or so I hope.

Also, the various update functions, for both the software and the
hardware, have yet to work; dunno if that's just because I'm running 3.0
when, as I now learn, 6.x is out -- or for some other reason. 

Also, I'm not sure how to check whether things in different bottles are
finding one another -- when they should (as with the software updates I
downloaded and installed) -- or at least once when they shouldn't.

Example of the latter: on one machine (the best, iirc) I installed
Garmin's so-called MetroGuide, a street program which is another part of
MapSource. If you do that on a M$ machine, clicking the MapSource icon
thereafter simply adds MetroGuide to the choices you had before. 

But under CXO, MetroGuide usurped the whole icon, on which it became the
only choice. In order to invoke Topo, I have to tunnel interminably
through a long sequence of opaque Windows menus, hoping eventually to hit
the .exe; and what's worse, yes, I really *have* to. CXO won't let me
paste the path to it into the window that invokes it. <gnash, grind>

Stay tuned.

Beartooth Staffwright, Hunter by Birth, 
Not Quite Clueless Fedora Power User
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