[svlug] Multi drive PCI SATA card or 6 port SATA motherboard

Ramona Howard ramona at spectsoft.com
Mon Mar 13 09:49:45 PST 2006

Hi All,

> "Scott Hess" <scott at doubleu.com> wrote:
> > 8-port Adaptec card, again looks like it includes cables, again just
> > south of $500.

If cost is not the consideration and your looking for a solid performing SATA 
solution then go with the 3ware boards and look at the Supermicro line of 
server boards.  Most of these server boards have the needed on-board video 
and provide the separate buses for the controller/s.

Check out our certified SATA solution that has been in the market for over a 
year. (This is designed for high thruput and isn't the average server)


3 ware by far offers the best Linux support and the new boards are kick ass 

Cables will be an argument but honestly if your system is not being moved 
around and doesn't have a vibration problem (which it shouldn't) then 
standard SATA cables are the least expensive and work fine.


I would like to plug 5 and later 10 SATA drives into a system that has PCI
(not PCI-e), and no on board SATA support.
Cards that support more than 4 SATA drives seem to require expensive
infiniband cables to go to 4 drives each, like this one:

3ware does offer a 12 port board that is PCI and you can use standard SATA 
cables and can connect 2 or 12 drives.  Check out the 9550SX

Hope this information helps you guys out a bit........


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