[svlug] Best FTP Server

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Thu Mar 9 14:29:10 PST 2006

Bill Ward writes (re fancy bash autocomplete):
> Anyone know a trick for tcsh to do this?  I've tried bash but I just
> couldn't get used to it.

Hurray, another tcsh user!

I haven't actually set up fancy autocomplete in tcsh, though I
remember it from when it used to be on by default back when I used
SuSE, but take a look at /etc/complete.tcsh.

I don't think there's anything there that handles remote filenames
over ssh, but perhaps it's hookinable via the same mechanism the
bash trick uses.

It still sounds like a lot more work to set up than ncftp, though,
which does remote autocompletion by default without any extra setup.
I presume that under the hood it just sends a dir command,
parses the response then does its own autocompletion in response
to what the user types. But it's all transparent to the user.


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