[svlug] Best FTP Server

Anthony Ettinger aettinger at sdsualumni.org
Thu Mar 9 14:24:56 PST 2006

On 3/9/06, Dan Martinez <dfm at razorwind.org> wrote:
> Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> > Wow, any idea how to set this up? I have bash and ssh already. What's the trick.
> It depends a bit on your distro. I believe it's more or less a stock
> feature on Debian, requiring only the uncommenting of a line in one of
> the skeleton /etc files. On Gentoo, you just
>     emerge bash-completion bash-completion-config
> and then make the edits to your config files described by the output
> of the ebuild. (It may even be that more recent releases already
> include the lines necessary to activate bash-completion, merely
> commented out.)
> For other distros, I'm not sure. The URL Breen Mullins helpfully
> provided <http://www.caliban.org/bash/> might let you fetch the
> tarball yourself if you're feeling adventurous.
> Dan

Not bad, works out of the box on gentoo pretty well...just did an
autocompletion with scp -r.

It stalls a second or two to bring up the remote directory path, but
it's still pretty good.

Anthony Ettinger
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