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There are a couple more gotcha's.   For example, you might  have two different brands both labeled for 12 volts DC  200  mA.  One unit puts out 12 volts with no current, drops to 11 volts  and gets really hot with 200 mA.  The other unit puts out 12 volts  when the load is 200 mA and is cool as a cucumber, but goes to 15 volts  with no current.  The extra no load voltage might be a problem to  for the equipment connected to it.
  Fortunately most equipment intended to run from wall warts is tolerant of voltage variations.
  Good luck.

  From: "Margaret Wendall" <mwendall at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [svlug] Power Adapter Database
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 12:51:07 -0800
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  Hi All,

>Someone could make a lot of money keeping an online database of all the
>electronics that take power adaptors and what they require.  You search
>for your device, select it...

The  question about amperage in power supplies intrigued me because I had  the ignominious job of keeping track of dozens of these for a catalog  of used/out-of-date "wall warts."
It shouldn't take a lot of  work to make a database, if everyone would email me (privately) about  what power requirements their equipment has. The most important things  are: Voltage, Amperage, polarity, A/C or D/C and connectors. We could  make the SVLUG website even more useful if the infomation were stored  there. 

Margaret Wendall

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