[svlug] kubuntu

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Wed Mar 8 03:34:09 PST 2006

Nearly end of the story...
I've installed kubuntu.

partman seems to work a bit differently and caused me a minor 
delay cos it is smart enough to see a previous raid set and 
autocreate it (even if it doesn't recognize previous mount point 
as should be expected).
So once I tried to recreate the raid set it complained... i 
didn't read and being used to solve with kill partition, write, 
create again... I did so. Just after messing up a first install 
I noticed the difference.

Then... still for habit I downloaded nvidia drivers... and 
messedup the system. There is nvidia-glx package that do 
everything smoothly but I didn't know.
aptitude install nvidia-glx
nvidia-glx-config enable

One thing that really doesn't seem my fault is the init sequence.
networking is started at same priority as resolvconf. And I 
didn't see any mountnfs in the appropriate runlevel.

What happens is resolv doesn't work and nfs mounts don't get 

I did some symlinks but I haven't been able to solve the 
situation yet... currently I have to restart manually

It seems that kubuntu has some packages to start to use the new 
xgl... but I'll test it when things will have a chance to be a 
bit smoother and I 

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