[svlug] IBM certifies Ubuntu as a stable platform for DB2

lordSauron lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 15:39:54 PST 2006

On 3/3/06, Ron Hinchley <ron at biovalid.com> wrote:
> Eating lunch at Fry's reading a Linux journal I saw a note that Ubuntu
> was certified by IBM. They will support their data base products on
> Ubuntu saying it is a stable system.

That's very good news.

> For my maniacal plans at home I need a server with MySQL. I could not
> get the FC4 to work for some reason. Is Ubuntu a viable alternative to
> FC4? Are there any draw backs?

I use Ubuntu (Kubuntu, really, but the only real difference is the
installer) and it's very nice and stable.  Heck, right now I'm using
the "unstable" Dapper version (I crave bleeding-edge stuff.)  Dapper
is really stable, though I could see why some might call it unstable.

Anyways, Ubuntu Linux carries almost the precise same drawbacks and
bonuses as Debian.  It's really really easy to administrate (like
Debian) but sometimes I wish it were more like Gentoo (I love speed,

The package repositories for Ubuntu are nice and fast.  From the US
servers I can get 100k most of the time.

I hear they're also releasing a server package for it, which makes no
sense to me because Debian would be much more suited to a server than
Ubuntu - Ubuntu doesn't have as many pieces of software as does
Debian, particularly in the area of server-stuff.

Otherwise?  Lord Sauron approves of it - that should be enough for
most people ; )

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