[svlug] IBM certifies Ubuntu as a stable platform for DB2

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Sat Mar 4 18:14:11 PST 2006

Ron Hinchley wrote:
> Actually I assume it is my fault. I posted some time ago to svlug. I had 
> a standard install from fresh disks. I started the service, it says it 
> is running, did the basic configuration following the Redhat Linus 
> Bible, but I cannot connect as root from local host. I am sure it is 
> something simple. I am not at the machine now, I am chained to my desk 
> for the weekend.

   can you connect from elsewhere? If you can connect from elsewhere 
then: mysql -u root -p mysql, then look at user table and compare what 
it says to what docs (e.g. at mysql.com) say bout provileges. Note that 
there are (or can be) several records for each each, depending from 
which machine the user connects. Even if you have a record that you 
think would make it possible to log in you might have another record 
that takes priority for some weird reason and is more restrictive. I was 
confised by a situation like this several times:-) If you can't figure 
it out post output of:

select host, user from user;

   somebody might be able to figure out what's wrong.


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