[svlug] Ron's mention of religion

Sanatan Rai sanatan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 14:28:18 PST 2006

> Let us not waste mailing list about why non-christians should not "act
> like good christians". Others may find your implication that others
> should act as if they were part of your culture extremely offensive.
> Many Muslims and polytheists find the christian tendency towards
> "Crusades" most offensive. Even Asatru worshipers practicing kidnap,
> torture -rape and enslavement found sword-point conversions shocking.

     Also, it might offend polytheists, who typically, do not follow
anything that might be called a `religion', ie a coherent body of
theological principles based on some central and commonly accepted
tenets. Moreover, typically, polytheists do not go around doing this
sword-point _conversion_ business. They do sword-point stuff, of
course, being only human (ie semi-intelligent apes with too much
hubris), but usually it is for other ends. One might be wrong, of
course. Do give one an counter-example.

    Anyway, I am tempted to suggest that perhaps Ron's email should be
reread. He was only pointing out---no doubt from personal experience,
close obervation anyway---that such `politics' is internecine.

   In any case, the expression `behaving like a Christian' is a part
of the English language. I should be loath to give it up. So boo.


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