[svlug] Off topic - humorous or sad?

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Thu Mar 2 10:06:11 PST 2006

Skip Evans wrote:
> Hey all,
> Thought both the BSD and Linux people would get a 
> kick out of this:
> A few nights ago PBS was on in the background 
> while I was reading and a show called... "Digital 
> Duo"(?)... came on. Never seen it before so I'm 
> not a hundred percent on the name.
Here's more about the show.
> But apparently it's some lay person's computer 
> show. At one point they explained that when 
> shopping for a new computer you had "two choices 
> when it comes to the operating system: Windows or 
> Mac. There is a third one out there you may have 
> heard of called Linux, and it's based on this 
> 'ancient' system called Unix so that's really for 
> another show."
I wonder if they would elaborate on which show that would be :-)
> I glanced up from my book, picked up the remote, 
> pressed a button and continued reading in silence.


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