[svlug] Thunder.Net self-designated as a "major sponsor" (without permission)

Jennifer Davis sigje at sigje.org
Wed Mar 1 16:32:36 PST 2006

> Here's your entry from html/RCS/sponsors.shtml,v , when you, a
> non-Web Team member, added yourself:
> 1.26
> date    2003.;    author ikluft;  state Exp;
> branches;

I would hazard a guess that this was something that was probably discussed 
between people as often is done with volunteer type organizations.  Please 
stop demonizing Ian.  This is inappropriate behavior.  If you don't like 
it there, talk among the SVLUG governing individuals and remove it.  OH 
wait.  It has already been removed.

The number of things that are NOT documented in emails, pieces of paper is 
legendary precisely because it's not some big named company with process 
controls up the wazoo.


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