[svlug] VA not listed as "major sponsor"?

John Mark Walker johnmark at johnmark.org
Wed Mar 1 15:34:43 PST 2006

On Wednesday 01 March 2006 14:52, Rick Moen wrote:
>  SVLUG has always maintained a list of "major sponsors" past and
> present whom our (SVLUG's) presidents have decided to honour over the
> years.  See: http://www.svlug.org/sponsors.shtml  They are: 
> Linuxcare, Cisco Systems, Netscape, and Accent Technology.  Those are
> firms that either spent sizeable amounts of money supporting SVLUG
> (Linuxcare) or gave SVLUG major meeting space (the others).

I interrupt fight club to present what, in my opinion, is an oversight. 
I know that several people out there have bad memories of the VA 
debacle - myself included, but I do believe that VA supported SVLUG 
quite a bit back in the day, including handing out a ton of things, 
lending sysadmin and web design support, and not to mention, creating a 
steady stream of SVLUG officers. Ok, so several of them were already 
involved with SVLUG before they joined VA, but I feel that it's remiss 
not to recognize a company that actively encouraged employees to get 
involved with SVLUG. 

My last days at VA were not a time that I like to think about very 
often, but I and several others were quite proud of our community roles 
"back in the day". I would like to see VA's role in early Linux 
outreach recognized. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled fight club. 


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