[svlug] Thunder.Net self-designated as a "major sponsor" (without permission)

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Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 14:50:53 -0800
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Subject: Re: [conspire] Important SVLUG vote, today

Quoting Bill Ward (bill at wards.net):

> For a more balanced view of the issues, sbay.org put together a
> collection of pro and con arguments, with rebuttals (though Paul never
> submitted a rebuttal for his side):
> http://corp.sbay.org/board/svlug-sbay-20060213.html

This "balanced" collection ignores practically all of the substantive
discussion, including practically all of the analysis and findings, that
followed over the following two weeks.

Much of which is linked to, directly, from my analysis Web page.

But you've reminded me of one additional thing your friend the SBAY
president and de-facto coup leader did recently -- and which only now
has come to light:  

SVLUG has always maintained a list of "major sponsors" past and present
whom our (SVLUG's) presidents have decided to honour over the years.  See:
http://www.svlug.org/sponsors.shtml  They are:  Linuxcare, Cisco Systems,
Netscape, and Accent Technology.  Those are firms that either spent
sizeable amounts of money supporting SVLUG (Linuxcare) or gave SVLUG
major meeting space (the others).

As head of the Web Team (me, Heather, and Margaret Wendall), I've only
lightly touched up those listings as the firms evolved, e.g., to note
the transformation of Linuxcare into Levanta.

In addition to the "sponsors.shtml" page, SVLUG also honours those major
sponsors through a rotating logo display on the left side of its _front_ 

Your friend the coup leader recently went behind the backs of _both_ the
Web Team and SVLUG's president to list "Thunder.Net Communications",
i.e., himself, as a "major sponsor" of SVLUG alongside Linuxcare, Cisco
Systems, Netscape, and Accent Technology.

I didn't know until today that he had _zero_ permission to do this, so 
I took no corrective action until just a minute ago, upon being
requested to by SVLUG's president.

To quote the late Joseph Welch, at long last, has the man _no_ shame?

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