[svlug] Q&A for poll at SVLUG March 1 meeting

Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Mar 1 02:48:14 PST 2006

On 2/28/06, Ian Kluft <ikluft at thunder.sbay.org> wrote:
> I've posted a page with my own answers to some of the questions which have
> come up about the poll which will be held at tomorrow's SVLUG meeting.
>    http://ian.kluft.com/opinions/svlug-200603/

For the record, the page Ian is talking about does not speak for me,
either as former VP of SVLUG, as director of sbay.org, or personally. 
Ian showed me this page before announcing it here, and I advised him
against it.

I have kept the story of what happened between Paul and me out of this
discussion because I don't feel that it has any bearing on the
decision of whether to remain in sbay.org or not.  It was a personal
decision to resign from the VP-SVLUG job, and Ian's account does not
speak for me.

In the end, do not view the vote as "do you like Paul or do you like
Ian."  Look at the bigger issues - liability shield, insurance,
oversight, etc. and not just the personalities involved.  Individual
leaders can come and go, but the structure that the organization runs
under should last.  Would you vote differently if Ian was the
president of SVLUG?  What if Rick Moen was the president of sbay.org? 
Look past the personalities and think about how the organization
should be structured.  Then, if you don't like whoever's in charge of
either group, you'll have a chance to change that.  Remember, Paul's
term ends this November and there will be seats on the sbay.org board
opening up then too.  Ian's job is up for (re-)election next year, if
I recall correctly.  So I advise you to vote to keep SVLUG in
sbay.org, and work within that structure to (A) define a charter for
SVLUG, and (B) select leaders that you are happier with, if you are
not happy with one or more of the current leaders.


PS: Paul, it's way past time to appoint a new VP.  It's been nearly
three months since I agreed to step down.  Couldn't you find anyone
who would be willing to do it?

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