[svlug] MAC filtering via RADIUS

Eric N. Valor ericv at cruzio.com
Wed Jun 28 18:47:19 PDT 2006

Hello all:

I'm looking at setting up a Wi-Fi system using RADIUS to authenticate(on
a Debian box, perhaps using the freeradius .deb package).  I'd like to
enable MAC filtering as well as username/password authentication.  I
know _nothing_ about RADIUS at this point.  I'm Googling around, but
would appreciate if anyone could give me a knowledgable push in the
right direction.

Can RADIUS do the MAC filtering by creating a field like an LDAP server,
or does the MAC filtering have to be done on the WAP?  Are there
different RADIUS servers with more/better feature sets?  Does the RADIUS
server just pass along the authentication to, say, an LDAP server (and
if so, why do I need RADIUS?).

Right now I'm using a Linksys WAP55AG access point, but its onboard MAC
filtering is limited to 40 entries.  I need more, which is why I'm
investigating other authentication/access control schemes.

Equipment suggestions are also most appreciated.

Eric N. Valor
ericv at cruzio.com
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