[svlug] PenLUG this week: GTK+ in C++, Doug Barbieri

Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Jun 19 14:49:29 PDT 2006

Date:  Thursday, June 22th, 2006
Time:  meeting 7:00 - 9:00 PM, social/networking until 10 PM
Location:  Twin Pines Park, 1225 Ralston Ave, Belmont, CA 94002
RSVP: rsvp at penlug.org or http://upcoming.org/event/86257
(Note: RSVP is not required but we would like to know roughly how many
people to expect)

Speaker: Doug Barbieri, GTK in C++

The talk will cover the basics of gtkmm from the obligatory "Hello
World" application to working with TreeView widgets. Layout, signals,
menus and toolbars and dialogs will be discussed. At the end of the
talk, an example application written using gtkmm will be shown.

Doug Barbieri is a software engineer living and working in Davis, CA.
He has been professionally designing and writing software for over 20
years. He is also a big fan of cross-platform, portable applications.

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