[svlug] Installfest - IBM Power Adaptor

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 22:22:13 PDT 2006


First, a quick announcement:  Someone left an IBM power adaptor at
the SVLUG installfest today. Let me know if it's yours & we'll arrange
its return.

This month's meeting was a blast - quite a few UBUNTU enthusiasts
came out of the woodwork - we'll see where that leads!  I have high hopes.

I have a few changes planned for next month's installfest including
something approximating the main meeting's "nifty of the month"
presentation.  If you're a "deep" subject matter expert with one of
Linux's many tools, and you'd like to share your expertise with
the community, this may be just the venue you're looking for.
So, contact me directly if you're interested in this.

The other changes I've got planned?  You'll just have to attend next
month's meeting to find out! :-)



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