[svlug] Logo Creation Contest - linuxpicnic

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Thu Jun 15 18:30:57 PDT 2006

hi ya jennifer

> Jennifer Davis wrote:
> The picnic coordinators are holding a logo creation contest.


> The chosen artwork will appear on the official Linux anniversary picnic
> website, on flyers for the event and on t-shirts given out during the
> picnic (sponsored by Mirapoint).
> If you'd like to submit artwork for consideration for this year's event,
> email sigje at sigje.org with your logo idea.

is there a public place where all submitted logo will be placed
so that a vote can be taken

	eg  LinuxPicnic.org/LogoContent

> If you'd like to volunteer for the picnic, or sponsor this year's picnic
> we are still looking for both.

volunteers should be able to see what spots is available and
to sign up ...

	eg.  LinuxPicnic.org/Volunteers

and similaryly for sponsors and rsvp'ing to it .. as the time nears


these "logo contest" posts should go to other groups too, like last year
along with the logo submission rules and formats

i'll go hide now :-)

c ya

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