[svlug] Help with virtualhosts and aliases

Jeremy Brown jeremy at brownjava.org
Wed Jun 14 17:21:53 PDT 2006

What mail server are you using?

Sendmail has a "virtusertable" file that can be used to route mail to
different accounts based on user and host, or just host alone.

Random link about it turned up by Google:


Daevid Vincent wrote:
> I have a gentoo server with several virtual hosts (web, email, mailman,
> etc).
> I (personally) keep getting email sent to "info at marq.org".
> how can i send anything @marq.org to "fhp" user?
> something to do with /etc/aliases i suspect 
>  daevid ~ # man aliases
>   No manual entry for aliases
> In /etc/aliases I have this:
> 	 marc: fhp
> 	 marq: fhp
> 	 singularity: fhp
> 	 mpospisil: fhp
> 	 nexus6: fhp  
> 	 nexus_6: fhp 
> 	 nexussix: fhp
> He also has a 'mailman' list setup as:
> events at lists.marq.org
> And I have several other virtual lists too for various other domains.
> Currently this person should be the sole recipient for any @marq.org stuff
> sans the mailman list portion.
> Like I said, I have other virtual domains hosted on here that I don't want
> to screw up.
> It would be great if I could send 'webmaster at marq.org' to one person and
> 'webmaster at daevid.com' to another, etc... But if the 'webmaster' part has to
> be unique for some reason, I can live with that for now too...
> ÐÆ5ÏÐ 
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