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Walter Vannini walterv at gbbservices.com
Wed Jun 14 13:11:35 PDT 2006

When:      Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Topic:     Designing Responsive Software Despite Performance Limitations
Speaker:   Jeff Johnson
Time:      7:00pm
Where:     eBay Town Hall (next to PayPal/eBay)
                2161 North First St
                San Jose, CA 95131
Map:       <http://tinyurl.com/cdg5u/>
Cost:      Free
More Info: <http://www.accu-usa.org>

Many of today's interactive software products and services are not
responsive enough.  Responsiveness is one of the most important
factors in determining customer satisfaction with software and online
services, but it is continually slighted by developers.  Jeff
distinguishes responsiveness from performance and points out that
performance need not limit responsiveness.  He explains that the
user-computer interface is a real-time interface, with
time-constraints that software must satisfy in order to be perceived
as responsive.  Jeff will also present techniques for improving
responsiveness despite limited or fluctuating processing resources.
Many examples of responsive and unresponsive systems will be provided.

The talk is based on Chapter 7, "Responsiveness Bloopers", of Jeff's
book "GUI Bloopers: Don'ts and Dos for Software Developers and Web

Jeff Johnson is President and Principal Consultant at UI Wizards,
Inc., a product usability consulting firm that offers UI design,
usability reviews, usability testing, and training. Its url is

He is the author of GUI Bloopers: Don'ts and Dos for Software
Developers and Web Designers (2000), and Web Bloopers: 60 Common
Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (2003). Among other consulting
projects, he assisted in the design and evaluation of a web-based
system for reporting voting problems and irregularities, which was
used in the 2004 and 2005 U.S. elections.

He has worked in the field of Human-Computer Interaction since
1978. After earning B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale and Stanford
Universities, he worked as a user-interface designer and implementer,
engineer manager, usability tester, and researcher at Cromemco, Xerox,
US West, Hewlett-Packard Labs, and Sun Microsystems. He has published
numerous articles and book chapters on a variety of topics in
Human-Computer Interaction and the impact of technology on society. He
frequently gives talks and tutorials at conferences and companies on
usability and user-interface design.

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"Common Problems with Bug Trackers"

The ACCU meets monthly. To suggest topics and speakers please
email Walter Vannini via walterv at gbbservices.com

Walter Vannini
President, Silicon Valley ACCU

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