[svlug] Research confirms value of SVLUG

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 16:44:27 PDT 2006

Thanks, Paul...

...for providing independent verification of what I've suspected for years -
SVLUG continues to be a respected and valuable resource, worldwide.

You and I met (and as a result formed a startup!) at an SVLUG intallfest
some years ago... and SVLUG's been a valuable resource to countless
others over the years.

I'm pretty excited about the potential that's right in front of us, specifically
since I'm now coordinating the monthly installfests -

It'd be great if you might be able to attend the next installfest -
next weekend,
on June 17th... hope to see you there!

-Paul Reiber

On 6/9/06, Paul Cubbage <pcubbage at opencountry.com> wrote:
> I've been doing survey interviews.  One question is, "How do you
> evaluate tools?"  One response was, "I browse forums especially a group
> called SVLUG.  Their opinions are well reasoned and valuable."  He also
> checks linuxmafia.com/kb, Rick's knowledge base for the same reasons.
> We all know that the SVLUG mail list has a large audience and that a lot
> of good things appear on it, but it's nice to get independent and
> unsolicited opinions.
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